James R. Welch

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Map of T.I. Pimentel Barbosa and T.I. Wedezé, adapted from Welch et al. 2013.
Aldeia Etênhiritipá, Aldeia Paraíso, Aldeia Pimentel Barbosa, SPI/FUNAI, Terra Indígena Pimentel Barbosa, Terra Indígena São Marcos, A’uwẽ (Xavante), Museu do Índio
Government relations, Land and territory
This map shows demarcated TI Pimentel Barbosa on the left in light yellow and delimited TI Wedezé on the right. It shows villages as of 2013, and not all current villages are represented.It is adapted from Welch et al. (2013) Na primeira margem do rio.